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22nd Aug, 2016: Some people complain that they cannot explore their career as miners because of the required amount of investments. Well, we heard you. We have always attempted to make mining affordable, and as our family of Miners keeps growing, we have decided to come up with extra privileges for your betterment!

Our already cost effective packages are now cheaper than they ever were and this decision was made by our board members unanimously so as to include more and more members into our ever-growing family! Together shall we all prosper and share our benefits.

Now people with moderate means can also invest into Bitcoin mining and with our server they can enjoy unhindered global access with the best security system guarding their back. Like we always preach, our sole aim is to maximize your profit for therein lays our own achievements and this was just another gesture from our front to let you know, we strive to serve you better than the best!

If we weren’t affordable for you earlier, now we are! You shall enjoy the fastest Mining experience with the same safety and protection that we have always promised! New, developed infrastructure awaits you, and the expenses just got reduced! Also, we intend to introduce more rebates, offers and discounted packages from time to time, so don’t forget to keep your eyes on this page to know more! Till then, savor the low cost mining experiences!



Team Bitco International

System upgraded with advanced integrated features!


20th Aug, 2016:This is to acknowledge that recently there was a fault in our system which was caused by a technical glitch. The flaw was immediately identified and located by our engineers and they were solved without delay. Since we were making changes to our system, we thought of introducing some advances features, which have been developed exclusively by our miners over the past months.

Hence, the system was upgraded and we’re glad to announce, like always we, ABC Bitcoin Miners, bring to you the latest and most enhanced Bit coining infrastructure in town.

Regular Miners will now be able to access newer features while using our servers. Months of research has enabled us to introduce this upgradation that’ll not only give you access to numerous daily benefits but will also guarantee a faster mining experience! Some more perks have been added which shall become available to all our clients within 48 hours!

We are also content that the fault in the system which occurred temporarily did not cause any inconvenience to our loyal clients and was sorted before it could take any major form. We give our word to stay just as alert in future and to never let anything come in the way of your mining.

If you do not receive the upgraded features within 48 hours, call our customer support team and they shall be straight-away made available to you. We look forward to bring forth more advanced features for you. We are at work.

Till then, enjoyyour round the clock mining!


Team Bitco International Limited